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1. What are your 5 favorite bands/singers/musicians?
umm eminem is my favorite, 50 cent... i think beyoncè is pretty cool, fabolous, ashanti

2. What are your favorite movies?
a walk to remember, bad boys 1&2, 8 mile, legally blonde

3. What are your true feelings about President Bush?
well i'm not into politics so yeah.. i don't really care about him..

4. Do you think that same sex marriage should be legal? Why or why not?
yeah why not... love is love. if you love someone be with them.. :)

5. You're walking down the street, and you find an old abandoned briefcase sitting on the
ground. For whatever reason, you pick it up and take it home. You open it to find stacks of
money. A lot of it. What do you do?
buy stuff and take some of it to the charity or something..

6. What are your opinions about the War with Iraq? Do you think it was a good thing or
are you against it?
i think it's wrong.. why should inocent people die?

7. Who do you think has been the greatest influence in your life? Why?
my friends, cuz i'm around them most of my time

8. A few days later, you're taking another walk and come across a small kitten. It's alone
and scared, shivering by the curbside. How do you react?
i really hate cats cuz i had a baaad experiance when i was younger :) heh.. but i dunno... i would proably take it and give ti to my friend cuz she loves cats so yeah :)

9. Do you take alot of things in life seriously? for instant what?
yes i do.. i don't really take a joke as a joke and i get mad easly if someone is joking around much with me so yeha :x

10. What do you think of drugs?
i don't use them and i don't plan to. i think that is just stupid..

11. If you were president (of the USA), would you have acted differantly than George Bush?
well i would probably change the law and teen (underage) rules lol :p heh.

12. Why are you applying at this communtiy?
because my friend said it's cool.. and i aplied before but my pictures waren't that good.. they were all blurty and blue so yeah :) i like this community and + you guys have these questions now which other rating communities don't have. :)

13. Why do you think you should be accepted into this community?
because i'm nice, i'm honest, i'll tell people what a really think but in a nice way.. i'm very friendly + happy person and i get along with people. :)

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