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Name- Louise
Age- 16
Location- Hertfordshire, England

1. What are your 5 favorite bands/singers/musicians?
Michelle Branch, Coldplay, Dido, Evanescence, Stacie Orrico

2. What are your favorite movies?
The Sweetest Thing, Grease, American Pie 1&2, A Walk To Remember, About A Boy

3. What are your true feelings about President Bush?
I don’t really follow everything, so I’m not sure.

4. Do you think that same sex marriage should be legal? Why or why not?
Yes, everyone deserves to love someone/be in love.

5. You're walking down the street, and you find an old abandoned briefcase sitting on the
ground. For whatever reason, you pick it up and take it home. You open it to find stacks of
money. A lot of it. What do you do?
I would contemplate keeping it, but then take it to the police because it would be wrong

6. What are your opinions about the War with Iraq? Do you think it was a good thing or
are you against it?
I’m against it, they didn’t have solid proof that they did have nuclear weapons

7. Who do you think has been the greatest influence in your life? Why?
My best friend, because she’s kept me going and helped me through times when I’ve felt rough.

8. A few days later, you're taking another walk and come across a small kitten. It's alone
and scared, shivering by the curbside. How do you react?
Check if it has an owner tag, if it doesn’t, then if it does, ring the number on the tag and take it back to its owner…if not…then I would take it to a vet.

9. Do you take alot of things in life seriously? for instant what?
I take the fact of living seriously. Try to live each day to the full, because you don’t know when you’re going to die. I always think about what I would have achieved if I died tomorrow, and see if there is more that I could achieve.

10. What do you think of drugs?
I think that it’s the persons choice whether they want to take it or not. They know the risks and its personal choice. I personally don’t do drugs and I never will because friends of friends have died of taking them.

11. If you were president (of the USA), would you have acted differently than George Bush?
Hhhmm…I’m not sure. I probably wouldn’t have…in some respects the war was a good thing because, if Iraq had been keeping nuclear weapons, more people’s lives would have been taken…so I think that is a good thing…but on the other hand, lots died in Iraq. But I think, If I were president then I would have acted in the same way.

12. Why are you applying at this community?
Because I’ve been reading posts on this community for quite a long time and think it is a good community. Although its more than just looks, by applying, I want to know how people see me.

13. Why do you think you should be accepted into this community?
I don’t really think I should. But If I am accepted I hope it’s because I’m a nice, genuine caring person. (Well I hope people can see that from my answers anyway)

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