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well i came across this link in kandykisses221's journal, and decided i'd give this a shot

Name- joe
Age- 17
Location- wisconsin

1. What are your 5 favorite bands/singers/musicians? smashing pumpkins, radiohead, silverchair, garbage, deftones

2. What are your favorite movies? fight club, american history x, spun, pulp fiction

3. What are your true feelings about President Bush? well i dont even consider him president. he didn't win the vote or anything. as for his policies, i think he's a moron. the whole go after iraq thing in my eyes his him just carrying on a family grudge, since saddam tried killing his dad. so, ya know, it makes sense we go to war after it.. riiiiiight. lets see, he's also destroyed our economy, how cool.

4. Do you think that same sex marriage should be legal? Why or why not? i do. a persons sexuality is their choice and they should have the same freedoms as straight people.

5. You're walking down the street, and you find an old abandoned briefcase sitting on the
ground. For whatever reason, you pick it up and take it home. You open it to find stacks of
money. A lot of it. What do you do?
ok im not gonna lie and say i'd try to find its owners. here's what id do: i'd get myself a nice reliable car with good mileage. and convert the basement here at my dad's house into a band room. with guitars, drums, bass, PA, everything. i'd prolly go and buy all sortsa gifts for my friends, cuz they're all so extremely generous to me, and i'd finally be able to return the favor. i'd possibly use some as a downpayment on a house that id live in with a few close friends. and give some to charity.

6. What are your opinions about the War with Iraq? Do you think it was a good thing or
are you against it?
i mentioned that in number 3... and it's pretty clear fromt that answer im pretty against it :P

7. Who do you think has been the greatest influence in your life? Why? billy corgan. he's what got me to start playing guitar. also, his music really opened me up to new kinds of music. i used to be just about really heavy music, but now it's more mellow type of stuff. and there's been countless times that i've felt so insanely depressed, but his music cheered me up and gave me hope again.

8. A few days later, you're taking another walk and come across a small kitten. It's alone
and scared, shivering by the curbside. How do you react?
take the kitty!! i LOVE kittens! cats are the best animals ever. i already have.. 5 but i can always have more. hehe

9. Do you take alot of things in life seriously? for instant what? i do, but only at times. i joke around a lot. but i take friendships and all that seriously... and relationships and the like.

10. What do you think of drugs? i personally don't do them. only tried weed, and i didn't like it. heavy drugs just scare the shit outta me. but its someones own choice if they wanna do drugs. i just don't like the people who feel the need to tell anyone with an ear all their drugs stories regardless of if they ask to hear em or not.

11. If you were president (of the USA), would you have acted differantly than George Bush?
yes. i would've not wasted all our money on a pointless war and put the country into a deep debt.

12. Why are you applying at this communtiy? cuz i saw the link in 's journal and also just that basic human desire to know what people think of them.
13. Why do you think you should be accepted into this community? i think that i can add humor to many situations. but also say things to really make you think.

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