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Mod post

Ok i am getting really sick and tired of people bitching and complaining about this community...
No one is making you stay...
only_the_strong is like the 4 person who has made a post about leaving and whined and complained all the way through..
Its as simple as this..
No one is making you stay..You chose to join and if you dont like it then you are more then welcome to leave...But do it without making a post...
If you have a problem my e-mail address is in the user info page and here it is again for those of you who dont know how to read...Kandykisses221@yahoo.com
Problems with me need to be address to ME not to the community.
Every community has different rules...You join that community and you have to either deal with the rules or dont join..
There has been rules since this community started..
The reason you have to be "hot" to get in now is because everyone who applied was accepted...Now what fun is that? You should just give them a stamp when they post and have no one get to vote..
The rules are there for a reason..You dont like them then feel free to leave..
and some people do find "heavy set people hot" There is no denying that alot of people look the same...Skinny, blonde, lots of makeup...Some people find that hot and some dont...Thats why this is a rating community...You judge people on what they look like...
And saying we put people down by what they look like....ITS CALLED A RATING COMMUNITY
we judge people by what they look like...But if people dont have enough self esteem they shouldnt post here...This isnt real life...Its the internet...We dont know people personally and its all for fun...People shouldnt take communities like this so seriously.
Everyone always bitched at me cuz when voting no you had to give a reason. Now cuz that rule isnt in effect anymore people are bitching about that too...
I am so close to closing this community cuz there is so much fucking drama..I dont need anymore drama then i already have in my life...My life is stressful enough without having to daeal with all this stupid un-needed drama..
Either the drama stops or this community will be shut down..
So now either follow the rules without complaining or leave...no one is making you stay here
and i am sure that the other 3 mods will back me up on this
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