goddess (yummysexgoddess) wrote in not_ugly,

to the mod.

You have major insecurities. You said if people had something to say don't go to your personal journal so I'm saying it here. You always think the most beautiful people are ugly. You need to open your eyes up a bit and realize there are more to people than ugly clothes or bad eyebrows. Its pathetic. And you are weak and pathetic because you never defend yourself... you just ban people when they give their opinions. Isnt that what this community is all about? FUCKING OPINIONS! I expect you to ban me because thats all you know how to do, that and tell the beautiful people they are ugly... when um no one ever got to vote on you and have you ever looked in the mirror? But more than looks, you are a bitch,worthless, pathetic and have a horrible personality. Can't you just look inside yourself and accept you for who you are, instead of telling other people they are ugly to make yourself feel better. There are more to people than looks... think about that. Don't even think about wasting your goddamn precious time to ban me because I'll gladly leave.
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